Barrels of Fun

Inspiration continues to blossom Downtown.  We are seeing flowers on alleys and wine barrels taking on a new life--it's all happening Downtown and we're lovin' it!

A building owner on W. Front wanted to expand the painting of her building in a different way, so after everything was freshly painted she wanted to add some whimsy to the alley side of the building...  Do you think she succeeded?  Most definitely! The Waterfront Art Gallery "gang" joined forces and shared inspiration to create a mural filled with whimsy for everyone to enjoy.

Sunflower Mural

Then these amazing barrels began to appear in storefronts!  They are "retired" wine barrels dontated by our local wineries, Sorenson Cellars, Olympic Cellars, Fair Winds Winery, Harbinger Winery and Camaraderie Cellars.  Our multi-talented artists here in the community have joined in the excitement and have created these wonderful barrels for the community and our guests to enjoy.  If you enjoy fine wine and/or the arts, don't miss the opportunity to own one of these one barrels.  They are AMAZING.  

What's next?!

These one-of-a-kind art pieces have been generously donated by the artists to the Port Angeles Arts Council to help fund various events and projects supporting the arts in Port Angeles.  Join the fun and you could own one of the wonderful creations.  The barrels are currently on display in Downtown Port Angeles at the Kaufmann Miller building on E. First Street until October 11.  They will then be moved to galleries throughout Downtown for an upclose look.

Register and Bid on Your Favorite Barrels

Barrel Provided by Fair Winds Winery

The Crushing of the Grapes--acrylics

Bid for Barrel #1-Hastings

Barrels of Fun - Pamela Hastings
Artist: Pamela Hastings

Pamela has been sewing, drawing, and making dolls since she was five. She has exhibited, taught internationally, and her work can be seen in Susanna Oroyans books: DESIGNING THE DOLL, FINISHING THE FIGURE, and ANATOMY OF A DOLL, as well as FIBERARTS DESIGN BOOKS FOUR and SIX, MAKING CREATIVE CLOTH DOLLS. Her studio overlooks the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Northwestern Washington.


360-477-2080 cell
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Haight Barrel

Barrel Provided by Olympic Cellars

Olympic Landscape--acrylics

Bid on Barrel #2-Haight

Barrels of Fun - Cathy Jo and David Haight
Artist: Cathy Jo and David Haight

Cathy and David Haight have been a design team from the time they met shortly after they graduated from art school in So. California. David from Art Center School of Design and Cathy from California Institute of the Arts, Chouinard Art School. They worked together for a top design firm in Los Angeles, Ca., producing annual reports for a number of fortune 500 companies, before striking out on there own and forming Haight and Haight Communicating Arts. They have both  served as creative directors for So California firms and have won many prestigious awards in the industry, including; the Belding, Los Angeles and New York Art Director Awards, Art Center Awards and the AMIE award for excellence. While David developed computer graphic skills and continues as an independent designer and consultant, Cathy went on to teach art for K-8th grade and adult drawing courses. Their collaboration on the "wine barrel" project reflects their strong graphic design background, their love for the Olympic landscape and the graphic icon "Mister Kat". Who has mysteriously appeared in countless corporate publications over the years.
360-477-4690 studio

Barrel Provided by Olympic Cellars

Proud Pappa--acrylics

Bid for Barrel #3--Nichols

Barrels of Fun - Anna Nichols
Artist: Anna Nichols

Anna Nichols is a native of the Pacific Northwest.  Born in Salem Oregon, she grew up in Oregon, Washington and Alaska.  She attended Willamette University Park College in Kansas City, Missouri and has a B.Sc Degree from Liberty University in Virginia.

Anna studied at Park College.  She also studied with the watercolorist James Hamill in Kansas City and drawing and composition with Betty Compston of the Royal Academy of Art in London.

Mrs. Nichols, wife of Jerry, a retired airline executive, is mother of two and grandmother of four.  Anna and Jerry have lived in Port Angeles since 1992.  They spent a number of years living abroad in England, France and Spain as well as the Philippines.

Anna spent many years as a professional musician.  She began working with paper collage several years ago and now considers it to be her main medium.

Anna is a member of the National Collage Society and the Clallam Art League.  Her work has been exhibited at the Cork Gallery in New York City and several of her collages are currently displayed at the Clallam Art Gallery in Port Angeles, Washington.  A number of her works are in corporate and private collections throughout the United States.
360-452-5403 studio

Barrel Provided by Olympic Cellars

Keeping an Eye on the Harvest--acrylics

Bid for Barrel #4--Chasman

Barrels of Fun-Anna Chasman
Artist: Anna Wiancko Chasman

Anna has been selling her art professionally since the 1970s.  She gleans her inspiration from nature, often using mixed media to tell her story and express her passion.

After losing a daughter to cancer in 1989, Anna went on to earn a masters degree in art therapy, specializing in grief and loss. Currently she teaches ceramics and sculpture while exhibiting and selling her work at galleries such as Triad and Riversea in Oregon, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center and Art Front Gallery in Port Angeles.  

Long time Oregon residents drawn to the beauty and diversity of the Olympic Peninsula, Anna and her husband Paul Chasman moved to the Port Angeles area two years ago.
360-928-9632 studio

Penic Barrel

Barrel Provided by Olympic Cellars

Swimming Upstream--fused glass

Bid for Barrel #5--Penic

Artist: Melissa Penic

Melissa Penic is a glass artist, painter and instructor who loves living in the Northwest - surrounded by the natural beauty that influences much of her work.

Ms. Penic, most recently a continuing education art instructor at Peninsula College, spent nine years volunteering on the board of the Clallam Art League, as gallery director and president before opening her own gallery, Reigning Visions Artwork, upstairs at the Landing mall in 2000 through 2003.

Ms. Penic has spent many of her art hours teaching fused glass. Many of the items she creates are the result of testing techniques to pass along to her classes.

As a painter, Ms. Penic considers herself a portrait artist…. Whether the portrait is of a person, flower or animal, attention to detail and rich coloration is of primary concern.

As a glass artist, Ms. Penic enjoys the challenge of  finely detailing sand-blasted glass, with wild life a featured subject. Glass fusing offers the chance to create contemporary or whimsical pieces that are both functional and decorative. Stained glass is a traditional way to bring drama into an environment…. Lamps and panels can be combined with other glass styles for unique results.

(360) 452-0448 studio

Cloud Barrel

Barrel Provided by Harbinger Winery

Olympic Forest--Hand painted silk collage

Bid for Barrel #6--Cloud

Dona Cloud
Artist: Dona Cloud

Multi-media Representational Artist, Watercolor-Pastel- Acrylic- Dye - Collage

Moved to Port Angeles 1958 from Colorado.  Volunteered for church, campfire, 4H YMCA.  Employed by William Shore Memorial Pool, North Olympic Library  System  and Floral Designer.  BA from Evergreen State College and Clallam County Historical Society volunteer since 1979 to present.

Art  education – Peninsula College, Evergreen State College, Workshops and Teaching.

Memberships, past and present – Clallam Art League, Sequim Arts, Northwest Watercolor.

Exhibited in galleries and local open shows and juried shows in the Puget Sound area and won awards for paintings. Collaged self- portrait was featured in American Artist Magazine in January, 1998. Fiber Panache  - Sunland Golf & Country Club -2004.  Fashion Show. Hand painted silk long vest featured in Belle Amoire - Art to Wear magazine, Spring 2003. Silk Painters International Fashion Show - Four garments accepted – Santa Fe, 2006. Fiber Arts – 2004 -06 Door project 2006 – Affordable Housing - Silk on Door. Studio Bob,  exhibit – 2007 – Hand dyed Silk and cotton garments and scarfs.

Epithet to read –  “Color Me Gone”
360-457-9299 studio


Henry Barrel

Barrel Provided by Sorenson Cellars

The Enjoyment of Local Wines--acrylics

Bid for Barrel #7--Henry

Artist: Dena Henry

For several years I wanted to get into painting, but didn’t think I could actually do it.  I dabbled with other forms of arts and crafts leading up to taking the full plunge in late 2007, by attending some classes in oil painting.  I was so excited to put my name on my first painting - I was ecstatic when it sold to a popular local Mexican restaurant.  I’ve since completed 3 more oil paintings, taken a few more classes, and love it.  I’ve lived in the Port Angeles area for almost 37 years after being raised in Southern California.  I hold a full-time job (otherwise I’d be doing more painting) and am a 9-year breast cancer survivor.  It was after the cancer that I decided I had nothing to lose by trying my hand at painting.  I’ve worked with oils so far but also want to try acrylics.
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Sistek Barrel

Barrel Provided by Camaraderie Cellars

Barrel has been refurbished and includes hand painted silk scarf.

Bid for Barrel #8--Sistek

 Walk hanging sold separately.

Karen Sistek
Artist: Karen Sistek

Karen is as infatuated with silk painting today as she was the first time she touched her brush to silk over 25 years ago. Karen is self-taught. Through years of practice, she continues to perfect her own technique. She specializes in flowers, mostly from an "insect's point of view", zooming in on a certain aspect of the flower and bringing it closer to the viewer. Karen has taught silk painting at the community college, and continues to teach in her studio and travels to other states to conduct classes. Her art can be found in several galleries in Washington State, as well as nation wide.

She devoted her life to her family, moving around the country for 26 years along with her husband Rick, a pilot with the Coast Guard, and being super mom to their two children, Scott and Kimberly. After Rick retired in 1994 they returned to Port Angeles, Washington, where they were stationed in the early 1970's. Their children are grown and starting families of their own in the Seattle, Washington, area.

Karen is living her dream. Actually, the whole family is living her dream! Husband Rick is her business manager. He also does all of the cooking, errands, coupon clipping, and even the dishes! Her mother, Jane, is an avid photographer and keeps her well supplied with magnificent close-up photos of flowers that Karen uses for inspiration. Karen is allowed to focus full time on producing her art. Family and friends are a great support; and she attributes much of her success to them.

Karen was chosen as one of only nine artists, out of more than thirty, to paint a 3 foot by 9 foot silk banner to hang at the U.S., Botanic Garden in Washington D.C., in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution. This group of selected artists has joined together to form Synergy Silk. You will find their banners hanging at Orchid Society Conventions and floral shows throughout the United States.

Each creation is named after someone special to Karen’s heart.

Barrel Provided by Camaraderie Cellars

Vineyard and landscape in oils.

Bid for Barrel #9--Naveril

Artist: Valle Naveril

I am a Port Angeles native and have always been involved in some form of art.  I have taken many classes and workshops over the years and have been more seriously exhibiting my work in galleries and businesses in Port Angeles and Sequim for 20 years.  I work in oils, acrylics and watercolors, primarily depicting the many beautiful landscapes around the northwest.  Recent shows include Studio Bob, Waterfront Gallery, Washington Mutual in Sequim, Fifth Avenue, and the Sequim Museum and Art Center. 

I am a member of Sequim Arts and the Waterfront  Art Gallery in Port Angeles, while still working part-time in a local dentist office.
360-457-9060 Studio
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Parent Barrel

Barrel Provided by Olympic Cellars

From the Olympics to the Sea--acrylics

Bid for Barrel #10--Parent

Doug Parent
Artist: Doug Parent

I was born in Seattle, WA and have lived in various places throughout the Western US. I have been drawing and painting most of my life, studying art in California at Grossmont College in San Diego and Long Beach State College.

I am a carpenter by trade and have found that the visualization of a structure before becoming a dimensional reality went hand in hand with the artists eye and pursuit. I reside in Port Angeles, WA, and am emerging full-time into my art, currently pursuing drawing and painting. I look forward to the unknown in my art and experience the gift of life each day to pursue my path.
360-477-0817 cell

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